The first 2 things you need to do is: secure financing. and get an agent representing you!  These 2 things will help you through the process of purchasing a home.  It is of the utmost importance that you know your buyer power!  Believe me you will want to know you can buy the home you fall in love with.  And yes, there is definitely an emotional aspect in buying a home.  It is the largest investment that most will ever make.  Things you will want to have ready to provide to your lender will be your tax papers, paystubs, any other documentation of income,  Finding a good agent will be there to help you through the emotional confusion that can occur.  After all, all the terminology is familiar to a REALTOR (R).  Signing up with an agent will benefit you in many ways.  The #1 reason to sign a buyers agent is that they represent YOU!  Once you sign up with an agent, they are required to keep all YOUR information confidential.  Whether or not you can afford more or are willing to pay more for a property is information between you and your agent.  Did I mention that when a house hits the market, the seller has already agreed to pay a buyers agents fees?  Is that the best news!  You can have an agent represent you!  As a matter of fact, if you call the agent on the sign, they represent the seller first and foremost. Your agent can also set you up with a client portal so you have direct access to properties that meet your requirements.  It's a great way to communicate.  


When you are ready to find the house you can call home, call me and I will meet with you at the mortgage office to see what your buying power is and discuss your timeframe and exactly what you are looking for in a house.